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Managed DNS

Primary DNS Control your DNS in a simple, easy-to-us interface that makes zone management easy for both single and bulk domain management. Set A & AAAA records, MX records, SRV records, CNAMEs and nearly all other available record types. ZoneEdit offers far more record types than your standard DNS management, and our time to live is unmatched in the industry. Each zone supports up to 100 records, and includes features such as reverse DNS and DNS load balancing.
Secondary DNS Included with each zone is a second nameserver to improve uptime and speed. Our network is located across the US and Europe for maximum reliability. Add additional nameservers beyond the standard two for the best possible uptime. With 3 nameservers, uptime is 99.998%, and with 4 nameservers, uptime is 99.9999%.

Dynamic DNS Dynamic DNS allows you to keep your DNS current when you use a server with a constantly changing IP address. The possibilities for Dynamic DNS are nearly endless, but some popular uses include self- hosting websites from home with a cable or DSL connection, and setting up a VPN using a home network.